Conflict Transformation

Conscious facilitation of conflict can transform damaging dispute and tension into a source of positive learning, creativity, organizational evolution and connection. We teach communication skills and help clients build resilient and effective “tension-processing” systems that foster trust and connection, resulting in individuals and teams who can transform conflict into meaningful action and constructive change.

We support organizations and communities to:

  • find reconnection and restoration after breaks in trust and connection
  • give and receive challenging feedback consciously and constructively
  • shift group culture from energy-draining to energizing and empowering
  • develop skills for healthy communication and collaboration

We offer 3 types of services:

  • Live Conflict Support: Direct, in-person mediation or group process facilitation to help individuals and groups come back into connection and trust.
  • Mediation and Conflict Facilitation Training: Tools and skills for cultivating presence and empathic listening, translating blame and anger into compassion, and articulating solution requests to help evolve tensions into mutually-beneficial action.
  • Restorative System Development: Support to design a community-based restorative system and communication toolkit tailored for your organization.

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