Personal Coaching

Our executive and personal coaching programs support individuals to live their highest potential and realize lives of mastery, purpose, and service to the wider world. We provide individually designed one-on-one – in person or on-line – sessions to:

• Assess and realize your gifts, blind spots, and highest potential, in leadership and/or life
• Clarify & achieve your life purpose and vision
• Cultivate deeper self-awareness, centeredness and inner peace
• Identify & transform limiting beliefs & behavior patterns
• Cultivate healthy patterns of thinking and action
• Celebrate and enjoy life more fully

In sessions, we draw on the following approaches and methodologies:

• Integral & Co-Active Coaching
• Interpersonal Neurobiology
• Shadow Work
• Nonviolent Communication
• The work of Thomas Hübl
• Core Energetics
• Vision Quest
• The Work of Byron Katie
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Aikido

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