Karl Steyaert is truly a force of nature. This man has one of the most robust skill-sets of anyone you’ll ever meet who specializes in learning and interpersonal and group process work. Karl’s breadth and depth of knowledge and experience is nothing short of remarkable. He has been, is, and will be a huge asset to any group or organization with whom he works.

– Alan Seid, Director, Cascadia Workshops

Karl has remarkable experience in dealing with conflict and led such an enjoyable, gentle and peaceful discussion. He has a way of not lecturing, which I often find tiring, but rather encouraging us to make our own enquiry in self reflection and small group discussion.

– Lyndall Parris, Founder and Community Director, Narara Ecovillage Co-operative Ltd

While our work is technical, almost all of the things that prevent great individual and team performance is that working with people is just, plain, challenging. Karl’s approach to communication helps give people important tools to collaboratively work through issues in a way that builds trust and alignment while resolving conflict.

– John Vechey, Co-Founder, Pluto VR and PopCap Games

Working with Karl, I experienced an awakening of the wholeness of my self. With deep listening and warm acceptance, Karl created a space where my whole self could come to the table, find deeper connection and compassion, and grow. Karl gracefully balanced reverence for my own wisdom and path with gentle encouragement and guidance, helping me to author my own healing, and celebrating with me the joys I found along the way. I am deeply grateful.

– Katelyn B., Personal Coaching Client

I enjoyed so many things – the process, the results, the way you held it, the way you followed the humor and brought lightness, yet still focus to the process, the questions and your holding of those questions, the tracking of time so we could get to the “big” items, your sensitivity and care, you meeting us where we’re at in use of language, and your value of co-creating with your invitation to offer things and also be willing to shift with what others wanted.  

– Marcia Christen, CNVC Certified Trainer

Karl has an incredible energy to facilitate all day and be available in the morning and evening for fun activities. His sense of playfulness is refreshing and inspiring. I realized how much fun it is to be in my body, to play with others and simply enjoy being together. Thanks for walking your talk.

– Darcy, Participant in Multi-day Workshop

Thank you for a deeply moving two days where I re-practiced and learned more about getting deeply in touch with that shaky, uncertain place in myself where I can feel within and see and listen to other people more clearly. Your communication style gets through all my defenses as I do this work.

– Arlyn Osborne, Center for a Non-violent Community, Sonora CA

Karl did a wonderful job in providing a safe space for everyone to share, even if they chose not to share. The ability to provide safety and encourage vulnerability to emerge in a group is so important in this work. Thank you!

– Elsa, Participant in 12-week NVC Foundations Series

I’m also so grateful for the weekly occasions to practice difficult conversations, and grateful for the regular reminders to check in and see how I’m feeling in my body, too. I found true community in the group, and I honestly can’t contain my enthusiasm for it!

– Sara McArdle, Weekly Practice Group Participant

Thank you, Karl, from the depths of my heart for doing and sharing this work in the world. I am feeling reconnected to the essence of what truly matters to me – life, care, awakened consciousness. It feels so good to care about the well being of myself, others and the planet. Thank you for the reminder of the need for collaboration and community in the re-awakening process.

– Erica Kriss, Participant in Multi-day Workshop